Tenmei Sarasara Junmai  天明 さらさら純米 900ml

Tenmei Sarasara Junmai 天明 さらさら純米 900ml

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Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Akebono Shuzo 曙酒造
Grade Junmai 純米
Rice & Polishing Yamadanishiki 山田锦 55%
Acidity 1.7
SMV +2
Alcohol % 14%

Tenmei Sarasara Junmai is a lovely summer sake that is produced by Akebono Sake Brewery. The light 14.40% alcohol content brings out a light and soft taste, but the delicate umami and the refreshing flavour that spreads along with it expresses a soft and cool taste. It is a one time pasteurized Junmai sake that has an elegant sharpness that tightens and refreshes you.

The rising scent is a sweet scent with a refreshing fruitiness reminiscent of melon sorbet. In addition, youthful nuances such as spearmint drift a little. The moment you put it in your mouth, you can feel the sweetness and the richness of the umami with a refreshing acid that tightens the taste charmingly. The contrast between the aftertaste and sweet flavour gives it a crisp, tight feel and the clear backmouth gives off a neat finish.