Kokuryu Jungin 黑龍 纯米吟酿 720ml
Kokuryu Jungin 黑龍 纯米吟酿 720ml

Kokuryu Jungin 黑龍 纯米吟酿 720ml

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Prefecture Fukui 福井県
Brewery Kokuryu Sake Brewery Co Ltd 黒龍酒造株式会社
Grade Junmai Ginjo 纯米吟酿
Rice & Polishing Gohyakumangoku 五百万石 55%
Acidity 1.2
SMV +4
Alcohol % 15%

What does “ginjo” mean? Until World War II, this is what the label on a bottle of Kokuryu sake read. At the time, ginjo simply meant “carefully brewed" — but the word would later take on a deeper significance. Then in the 1930s, early in the Showa period, the appearance of a new vertical rice milling machine made it possible to polish sake rice to greater degrees. The invention spurred brewers into a competition to create the finest ginjo sake. Of course, Kokuryu entered the race. Knowing the stakes, they worked to improve the quality of their ginjo labels. The result? Numerous gold medals. But their biggest prize was succeeding at what few even thought possible: the creation of a commercially viable daiginjo sake.

Kokuryu Jungin is a sake that expresses the natural flavour of select Gohyakumangoku rice from Fukui prefecture. The harmony of taste and fragrance creates a depth of flavour-rich, dynamic and mystery.