Niida Shizenshu Kan Atsurae にいだ しぜんしゅ 燗誂 720ml/1800ml

Niida Shizenshu Kan Atsurae にいだ しぜんしゅ 燗誂 720ml/1800ml

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Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Niida-Honke 仁井田本家
Grade Junmai 純米
Rice & Polishing Toyonishikiトヨニシキ 80%
Acidity Unpublished
SMV Unpublished
Alcohol % 14%

Niida Shizenshu Kan Atsurae is a Jizake (Local sake) that is produced by Niida-Honke Sake Brewery. Niida-Honke Brewery was founded in 1711 and it has seen 18 generations of dedicated head brewers work to create their ideal sake, one that is healthy, sustainable and organic.

The “Shizenshu” brand means that it is brewed using sake rice that is cultivated without using any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, using only natural ingredients and a traditional brewing process. Kan Atsurae won the gold medal at the International Wine Challenge in 2015.

Kan Atsurae was aged in the brewery for at least a year before it was released. It has a gentle scent reminiscent of honey, delicate and soft mouthfeel. Although it has a natural gentle sweetness, it has a moderate acidity and a light taste that does not make you imagine sweetness. The rear mouth has a neat sharpness, combined with the acid that tickles the appetite.