Tenmei Shougyoku Mellowness Reborn Junmai Daiginjo 天明 純米大吟醸 掌玉 しょうぎょく 超低温 3年熟成 720ml

Tenmei Shougyoku Mellowness Reborn Junmai Daiginjo 天明 純米大吟醸 掌玉 しょうぎょく 超低温 3年熟成 720ml

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A limited-edition product that had been aged at 0-celsius degree for more than 3 years. If it is to be aged, it is a new essence of ageing in ultra-low temperature storage with a special formulation for ageing and rice suitable for ageing.

“掌” is the meaning of cherishing or the spirit of hospitality. “玉” is a beautiful thing, a thing that praises the light of virtue. It also works with water and sake. The word “掌玉” combines the two meanings. From palm to hand, the taste of sake made with great care, Japanese culture, and the spirit of tradition to everyone with gratitude and hope for a bright future.

By ageing at ultra-low temperature, it is rich and mellow while maintaining a clear texture and a refined and elegant flavour. A soft and sweet scent with a nuance reminiscent of vanilla. A slight sweet spice sensation due to ageing, gently hinted at from the depths of its mild aroma. It is a pleasant fragrance with the impression that it is gentle.

When it touches your tongue, it spreads quietly, and it conveys the mellow texture of its fine taste. The gently undulating taste, which shows a supple harmony without contours, creates a beautiful cohesiveness in the clear, and spreads its well-organized flavour vividly. What you perceive in your mouth is a beautiful balance of mild sweetness like cream, a rounded acid with a strong presence, and a mellow bitterness that brings richness to the taste. Smooth melting in the mouth after swallowing, it has a sweet raisin-like flavour and a pleasant finish.


Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Akebono Shuzo 曙酒造
Grade Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟醸
Rice & Polishing Yamadanishiki 山田锦 30%
Acidity 1.7
SMV -2.3
Alcohol % 16%