ZAO Junmai Ginjo K Series 蔵王 純米吟醸「Kシリーズ」720ml

ZAO Junmai Ginjo K Series 蔵王 純米吟醸「Kシリーズ」720ml

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Won the bronze award in the Junmai Ginjo category in the International Wine Challenge 2021.

Junmai Ginjo Sake made from Hiroshima Prefecture's Hachitan with Miyagi Yeast, Honoka (yeast for Ginjo Sake developed in Miyagi Prefecture). An exquisite taste designed not to exceed the range of sake during meals, while having a complex aroma and gorgeousness. You can feel the aftertaste of various flavours in the after-sales, making it a sake that you can enjoy alone or while eating.


Prefecture Miyagi 宮城県
Brewery ZAO Shuzo 蔵王酒造株式会社
Grade Junmai Ginjo 纯米吟酿
Rice & Polishing Hachitan 八反 60%
Acidity 1.6
SMV +1.0
Alcohol % 16%