Mirai Sake Hall, was our second brand launched in 2017. It stands as a collaborative arm for our dining brand - Shukuu Izakaya. At Mirai Sake Hall, we venture deeper into the roots of sake in terms of its methods and consumption habits. Over the years, we have met numerous Tojis (Sake Brewmasters) in person. Through these various interactions, we experienced the humility of smaller and newer brewers, deepening our knowledge and appreciation of the craft. We aim to find ways to strengthen sake culture in a broader way than it ever was. What started as merely a tasting journey to discover new and different sake profiles, we have improved our technical understanding of the brewing aspect of sake, and we now look to share our love and experience to other enthusiasts alike. Sake, beyond being just a profession, has become a lifestyle for Mirai Sake Hall, and we hope to share the passion and help our local sake culture blossom into new heights!