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For 7 days a week, our resident sommeliers are ready to assist with recommendations and other queries.

Chilled below 5°C

Our Sakes are properly chilled and stored below 5°C. Packed in secure boxes or bags, they will arrive your doorstep still cold!

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Orders will be delivered within 48 hours. Options of express or same-day delivery are available too.

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Featured Brewers


LUIS / SSI & SSA Certified

One of the co-founders of Mirai Sake Hall, Luis is also the key curator of its collection. He is deeply passionate in Sake and constantly shares his inspiration from his countless visits to breweries in Japan. An adventurer at heart and expert in Sake geography, he spends his hours cataloguing his journeys and discoveries, while honing his taste expertise during his free time drinking.

MARIO / SSA Certified

Another co-founder of Mirai Sake Hall. A creative driver of the crew, Mario is an educator who is constantly thinking of ways to reinvent the modern learning of Sake while preserving history. To him, the art of pairing sake and food is the one of most fulfilling experiments to try each day. He also loves hot sake and is constantly sharing methods of self-understanding to aspiring Sake drinkers. But be careful if he goes too deep into explaining something. It might take a while.

SHU KANG / SSA Certified

Truly passionate about Japanese culture, Shu Kang embodies an artisan who approaches Sake understanding with discipline and sincerity. The gentleman holds high standards to Sake quality and hospitality. An expert in Sake recommendations to anyone’s profile, he is everyone’s go-to guy for a value selection. And as the poster boy of the crew, he also makes sure to keep fit in his free time.

JACKY / SSA Certified

As the jester of the bunch, Jacky is the sommelier whom people often relate to for his candidness. He carries with him a reinterpretation of Sake as being a lifestyle of happiness more than anything. In his free time, he debunks misleading Sake information out there and keeps the world a little safer. Dislikes anything too sweet, he is also strangely talented at tasting faults in Sake.

Sake Sake

For a splendid afternoon of Sake tasting with a selection of over 30 carefully curated Sake labels, get ready for your taste buds to be tantalised by Japan's national beverage.

Shukuu Izakaya

A trifecta of sublime foods, epic drinks, and of course - our authentic Izakaya ambience.

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