Featured Brewers


A 100 year-old humble brewery, Hanaizumi Shuzo is the furthest Sake brewery in Fukushima prefecture, bordering Niigata prefecture. Located in a small town in the Aizu district and surrounded by mountains, Hanaizumi’s region is dotted with numerous natural wetlands such as the Oze which have an abundance of clean and delicious water. An expert in the lost-art of “Yon-dan Jikomi” with sticky rice, Roman Series by Hanaizumi are rich in umami and complexity.


Matsuzaki Brewery, a historical Sake maker founded in Meiji 25, started as a Sake store. Today, Mr. Hiroyuki Matsuzaki, creates unique tasting Sake in low production with only a handful of people. “Hirotogawa” Sake has won a few awards for their limited range, known for a gentle fragrance and a refreshingly smooth mouthfeel, which is a unique profile compared to its peers in Fukushima prefecture.


Niida-Honke Brewery was founded in 1711, having seen 18 generations of dedicated head brewers strive to create their ideal Sake, one that is healthy, sustainable and organic. Having won several awards, what actually makes Niida-Honke Brewery truly unique is their mission to create sustainable organic Sake, “Shizenshu”, which only uses natural ingredients and a traditional brewing process. Limited in production, organic Sakes made by Niida-Honke are unique in taste filled with rare fruitiness.


The now-famous “Tenmei” series was created by the 4th generation couple of 116-year-old Akebono brewery. It is well-known after the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake, as heart-shaped labels were put on the bottles, praying for the reconstruction of the region. Tenmei is a food-type liquor brand based on the balance of umami, sweetness and sourness.