Akebono Color Umeshu Brown Label 曙色梅酒 ブラウンラベル 720ml/1800ml

Akebono Color Umeshu Brown Label 曙色梅酒 ブラウンラベル 720ml/1800ml

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Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Akebono Shuzo 曙酒造
Grade Unpublished
Ingredients Aomori Bungo Bai 青森県産豊後梅
Acidity Unpublished
SMV Unpublished
Alcohol % 7%

Akebono Color Umeshu Brown Label, a seasonal plum wine. It is an Autumn & Winter plum wine, it is the protagonist of sweetness and gentle acidity. Bungo plums from Aomori prefecture are soaked in Junmai Daiginjo sake prepared by Akebono Sake Brewery and refrigerated at 0 to 3 Celsius Degree for a year.

If you bring it to the spout in a glass, you can first catch the refreshing scent of plum blossoms, a comfortable mouthpiece where you can enjoy a refreshing sweetness with a harmony of mellow sweetness and gentle sourness. It has a smooth texture that expresses the lightness of 7% alcohol, but the taste melts into it is moist and supple.

After drinking, the plum flavour is soft and sparkling at the entrance of the throat, and a gentle aftertaste that melts slowly. A long lingering finish with thick sweetness and a mellow bitterness that spreads slowly drifts with a long tail.

It is delicious even if it is warmed further, trying it warm at 40 to 50 degrees celsius, it adds a little mellowness, the acidity is still alive and refreshing hot plum wine is enjoyed!