Hanaizumi Honjozo Karakuchi 花泉 本醸造 辛 720ml

Hanaizumi Honjozo Karakuchi 花泉 本醸造 辛 720ml

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Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Hanaizumi Shuzo 花泉酒造
Grade Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟醸
Rice & Polishing Gohyakumangoku 五百万石 65%
Acidity 1.6
SMV +6.8
Alcohol % 16%

Continuing and evolving their tradition, Hanaizumi Honjozo Karakuchi is made with people’s harmony and smile. Produced in a traditional fashion and beloved by regional nature and people. The natural surroundings of Minamiaizu can be felt. It is sake that has become Hanaizumi’s standard. You can enjoy it cool or warm, it goes well with many dishes, making it an ideal complement to meals.

The amount of Hanaizumi Honjozo Karakuchi produced is extremely little and it is said by the locals to be “Phantom Sake”. Hanaizumi Honjozo Karakuchi is a brand that has been loved around Nango Village for a long time. A wonderful supporting role that can complement your cuisine, it is a dry type sake. Smooth throat with a modest flavour when chilled and it has excellent overall balance.