Hirotogawa Tokubetsu Junmai 廣戸川 特別純米 720ml/1800ml

Hirotogawa Tokubetsu Junmai 廣戸川 特別純米 720ml/1800ml

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HIROTOGAWA Tokubetsu Junmai

Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Matsuzaki Shuzo 松崎酒造
Grade Junmai 純米
Rice & Polishing Yumenoka 夢の香 55%
Acidity 1.4
SMV +2
Alcohol % 16%

Hirotogawa Tokubetsu Junmai won the gold prize in the Junmai Sake Category at the “Sake Competition 2016”. It is a bottle that comes from its taste that it is made from sincerity and politeness without being caught by data and numerical values, so you can glimpse the greatness of this sake.

The fragrance is gentle, but if you smell it slowly, you will get a very good sweet fragrance such as melon and peach. Soft taste that spreads enough to fill your mouth and flows smoothly into the throat while filling the taste. The exquisite balance of refined, crisp and delicious sake is wonderful. This is a Tokubetsu Junmai that can be served cold or lukewarm.