Mikotsuru Karakuchi Junmai 御湖鶴 辛口純米 720ml

Mikotsuru Karakuchi Junmai 御湖鶴 辛口純米 720ml

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The dryest Junmai in Mikotsuru, which is made by polishing "Yoneshiro" from Nagano prefecture to 65%. Mikotsuru Shuzo uses "Yoneshiro" cultivated by the brewers themselves in Shimosuwa Town, the hometown of Mikotsuru.

It is a super dry Junmai rice with a sharp taste and a taste that is in harmony with the food. It is characterized by a refreshing taste that does not get tired of drinking while retaining the taste of rice


Prefecture Nagano 長野県
Brewery Suwa Mikotsuru Sake Brewery 諏訪御湖鶴酒造場
Grade Junmai 纯米
Rice & Polishing Yoneshiro ヨネシロ 65%
Acidity Unpublished
SMV +11.0
Alcohol % 16%