Niida Shizenshu Hyakunen Kijoshu にいだしぜんしゅ 百年貴醸酒 720ml

Niida Shizenshu Hyakunen Kijoshu にいだしぜんしゅ 百年貴醸酒 720ml

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Prefecture Fukushima 福島県
Brewery Niida-Honke 仁井田本家
Grade Kijoshu 醸酒
Rice & Polishing Koshihikari コシヒカリ70%
Acidity Unpublished
SMV Unpublished
Alcohol % 16%

Niida Shizenshu Hyakunen Kijoshu is a sake that is produced by Niida-Honke Sake Brewery. Niida-Honke Brewery was founded in 1711 and it has seen 18 generations of dedicated head brewers work to create their ideal sake, one that is healthy, sustainable and organic.

Hyakunen Kijoshu is a very luxurious sake that is brewed using sake instead of water, it started on the 300th anniversary of Niida Honke Sake Brewery founding in 2011. Niida-Honke Sake Brewery is renowned for its delicious sake, they won several awards, but what makes Niida-Honke Brewery truly unique is their mission to create sustainable organic sake, “Shizenshu”, which only uses natural ingredients and a traditional brewing process.

Hyakunen Kijoshu has a scent reminiscent of ripe fruit, it has a rich sweetness, but the tongue slides smoothly and there is no sticky feeling. It has an elegant taste reminiscent of elegant high-class western confectionery.